The Rising Issue of Identity Theft

Robberies on the Rise in Bundaberg
September 11, 2018 Rechenberg

Throughout July, many Bundaberg residents have experienced robberies or break and enterings. Worryingly, according to the 2016-17 Annual Statistical Review by the Queensland Police, there was a 28% increase in robberies compared to the previous year. Of these offences, over half were armed robberies.

In the past two weeks, the Bundaberg Police have received a wave of reports from Svensson Heights residents detailing break and entering offences. As a result, the Police have increased the number of patrols in the area. As well as this, a peculiar robbery took place at a service station in Kepnock at 2:30 am in early July. The offender was dressed in an Adventure Time onesie and wore a mask concealing their face. Upon approaching the counter, they threatened the employee with a firearm and stole money from the cash register before fleeing. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and security cameras in the service station have footage of the offender.


Experiencing a break-in or robbery is an extremely frightening experience for anyone, especially when weapons or threats are involved. With the rise in robberies, the importance of protecting your home or business also increases. An effective way of preventing a robbery is by taking preventative measures, such as installing an electronic security system and alarm monitoring services. Even simple steps are effective, such as keeping valuables secure and off-site, and ensuring that all doors and windows can be securely locked.

Senior Constable Brittany Duncan advises that everyone should be “vigilant for any persons acting suspiciously”, and report any break-ins to the police immediately.

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