What Steps To Take After A Burglary

What Steps To Take After A Burglary
14/06/2018 Rechenberg

Over the 2016 and 2017 financial year, the Queensland Police reported that Queenslanders had a significant increase in break-ins and robbery offences. It is vital that business owners and residents are aware of what the steps to take if a break-in occurs to ensure their safety and coverage of insurance policies.

Call the Police

After a break-in, it is vital that the police are contacted as soon as possible and you file a report. Ensure to report any damage or stolen items to the police. This is a mandatory step when it comes to claiming any insurance on lost property or damages to your home. Do not touch anything at the site, as the police need the site to be as accurate as possible to collect precise evidence.

Contact your insurance company

Not all insurance companies have the same policies. Be sure to communicate with your insurance company and voice concerns on what the best course of action you should take. Review your insurance policy if you are unhappy with your cover.

Contact a security company and apply preventative measures

Once the police have all the necessary information, contact a security company to conduct a full security audit of your home. They can formulate an expert opinion on what changes can be made to ensure the safety of your home in the future.

Michael Rechenberg, Managing Director of Rechenberg, recommends that every household and business should have an alarm system installed, which is monitored by our 24/7 Control Room. He stated that, “Installing different alarm systems are not the only forms of security residents can take,” he continued,“Homeowners can begin implementing simple methods, such as locking windows and doors, and keeping valuable items secure and, ideally, out of site.”

To further protect your home, you can also add video surveillance around the perimeter of your property.

Prioritise your safety

Experiencing a break-in can be a traumatic experience for those involved. It is vital that if you have experienced a break-in to speak to someone about the experience and ask for support if necessary. Support can be offered from family, friends, or a Support Service.

To find out more about the Electronic Security Installation, 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services or Professional Locksmith Services offered by Rechenberg in Bundaberg, don’t hesitate to contact us.