6 Emerging Trends in CCTV Surveillance Systems

6 Emerging Trends in CCTV Surveillance Systems
May 28, 2019 Rechenberg
6 Emerging Trends in CCTV Surveillance Systems

Technology is advancing quickly, and various industries are striving to try and keep up with the pace.

Security is one of the highest priorities for every organisation, and the tech world doesn’t seem to slow down in a bid to improve security.

The rise of video analytics and the burst in data volumes generated, processed and stored is a clear indication that there’s more to expect in the surveillance world.

The increased demand for powerful CCTV camera systems across industries is well indicated by the number of CCTV cameras entering the market – 98 million network surveillance cameras were shipped worldwide in 2017.

As CCTV surveillance systems continue to evolve, here are six emerging trends that industry players can expect:

  •    Increased use of data for video analytics
  •    Internet of Things (IoT) for systems’ integration
  •    Deep and machine learning
  •    Increased cloud-to-cloud integration
  •    Cord-free CCTV cameras
  •    GDPR and Cybersecurity

1. Increased Use of Data for Video Analytics

Security systems are becoming more complex by the day.

It is therefore vital that organisations become proficient in using data, including video, in establishing the latest patterns in their organisation.

Surveillance video will be essential for upholding security as well as identifying trends and patterns, which will ultimately be financially beneficial to their business.

Therefore, this means that organisations are set to increasingly adopt granular video analytics apps to help them in their decision making.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) for Systems’ Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing have arguably been the greatest trends in recent years.

IoT, in particular, has played a significant role in the simplification of operations and has made sending and receiving of data over the internet much easier.

With IoT, sharing of video data using smart devices will become easier and more secure.

IoT systems will also be integrated with CCTV Surveillance Systems to provide relevant information for the operational and business needs of an organisation.

Video analytics such as people counting and heat mapping will increasingly be applied with the help of IoT systems to strengthen security and offer more business intelligence.

3. Deep and Machine Learning

Deep learning and machine learning have long been theoretical concepts by scientists.

However, we are at a stage where the full benefits of these concepts will be realised and appreciated.

With the explosion of data generated and the need to store it, there is an increased demand for intelligent systems and algorithms that can analyse the data efficiently.

With deep and machine learning, the development of apps and systems with predictive features is on the rise.

This will come in handy solving traffic issues, terrorist incidents, shoplifting, and other security threats.

4. Increased Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

The cloud has continued to play an important part in IT infrastructures.

Most IT companies have used the cloud in recent years as their preferred integration point rather than an on-site system.

Cloud-to-cloud integration will be beneficial to many organisations since it will significantly reduce the need for in-house IT services, therefore, reducing operation costs.

The use of cloud in CCTV surveillance systems will additionally guarantee the security of the feeds compared to storing it on disks.

5. Wireless CCTV Cameras

Network cameras have already indicated the potential of wireless CCTV surveillance systems.

These systems can now be monitored and managed through mobile devices which helps within the integration of these systems as well as reducing the maintenance costs.

Additionally, wireless CCTV surveillance systems are less stressful to install and will continue to simplify operations.

6. GDPR and Cybersecurity

The enhancement of cybersecurity is a never-ending task, and this trend is set to show strong demand.

This will help in sealing loopholes that cybercriminals may exploit in CCTV surveillance systems.

In regions such as the EU, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that every organisation comply with the regulations put in place for the unification of data protection.

Therefore, it is inevitable that CCTV surveillance systems that are developed will be expected to meet these set security regulations.

CCTV surveillance systems are evolving by the day, and new trends related to these systems are being anticipated.

The emergence of cordless CCTV surveillance systems has already been witnessed and it is set to persist.

IoT, deep, and machine learning will be instrumental in developing smart systems that will be useful in the analysis of any video data collected.

The security of video data will also be regulated through cybersecurity laws and regulations.

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