24/7 Monitoring



Professional security monitoring through our purpose-built A-grade control room based in Queensland.

Stay secure with Professional 24/7 Alarm Monitoring


Rechenberg offers live 24/7 monitoring on a range of security and lifestyle devices throughout Australia and New Zealand. Each device is setup with a personalised action plan. Then when an alert is activated, our experienced and licenced control room team immediately put your plan into action from our Grade A Monitoring Centre. Our monitoring services are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial locations exceeding Australian standards (AS 2201.2-2004) for quality and service.


The Rechenberg Control Room provides the ultimate in redundancy and the highest level of continuous service; hail, rain, or shine. With numerous redundant power, server and communication sources, as well as off-site redundancy for hardware and operating systems, our facilities are able to provide uninterrupted assistance right across Australia and internationally. Our multiple control rooms are geographically separated, ensuring that if one site were unexpectedly unable to attend your alarm, it will be seamlessly attended to by the other.

The Benefits of Professional Monitoring

Rechenberg 24/7 back to base security monitoring provides an extra layer of security for any business. Our expert control centre team verify the alert, then respond in accordance with your personal action plan. This could be notifying you, sending emergency services or another action you nominate. You can feel confident that if an alarm is triggered Rechenberg will deal with the situation quickly in accordance with your needs.

24/7 Timely Responses

Professional monitoring is available 24/7 day and night, 365 days a year. While you are out enjoying life, your premises is being monitored by a team of security professionals ready to leap into action.

Tailored Emergency Action Plan

We can tailor an emergency action plan to your needs. You control who will be notified of each alarm activation and whether emergency services should be contacted.

Video Verification

Through Video verification our control room operators can verify the authenticity of an alarm. Using your camera system to check the situation and notify emergency services with a verified dispatch if required that police typically prioritise.

Devices We Monitor

We can monitor anything that can send us an event, whether through Wireless IP (3/4/5G), NBN, Broadband or GSM! We can even create alarms from Emails & SMS!

  • Burglary & Intrusion Alarms
  • CCTV & IP Camera Systems
  • IoT Devices
  • Refrigeration & Temperature Alarms
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Devices
  • Medical, Emergency & Panic Alarms
  • Personal Safety & Lone Worker, Duress, Panic Locator Devices
  • Fire & Smoke Alarms
  • Servers/Networks & Other IT Devices
  • Plant Alarms, Pumps, Ventilation, Water Levels

Our Reach


Rechenberg monitors electronic devices for a customer base covering all state and territories of Australia and New Zealand. This is achieved via our own state-of-the-art monitoring centres that enable direct communication to our 24-hour specialists when help is needed.

Our obligation and responsibility to our customers is our highest priority.

Changing Providers

If you aren’t satisfied with your current professional monitoring provider, make the switch to Rechenberg today. In most cases, it is free to change providers. Contact us for an obligation-free chat about making the switch.

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