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While at home or on the move, our surveillance options for your home provide you with the peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure, day or night. Remotely monitor or record activity in or around your home with ease through a range of different options that we supply.


We provide a range of systems to suit different needs.

Playback or watch live on your mobile device or PC.
Just like watching your favourite TV show that was recorded throughout the week, certain Home Surveillance systems allow you to access and review footage either in real-time or from the archives. Depending on your requirements, we’ll be able to tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Archive footage for several days, weeks, or potentially months.
Depending on your requirements at home, we can tailor a surveillance storage solution that can store as much footage as required, from any of your installed cameras throughout your home.

Record night and day by adding night vision cameras, or even thermal vision.
We provide a wide range of surveillance options that can cater for several environments, including cameras with infra-red lighting systems to enable recording throughout the night. Some cameras are even able to record thermal images in those tricky areas where light seems to be a problem.

Facial & vehicle registration plate recognition is also available.
Usually used in more commercial environments, some surveillance systems have the capability to recognise a person’s face and even recognise and store a vehicle’s number plate.

Some of the brands we sell are:

HIK Vision
Honeywell Video systems

And many more…

Video Verification

Video verification streams directly to the Rechenberg owned 24-hour control room, allowing our operators to visually verify if an intruder is on site. This information is vital when contacting police, as it greatly increases the chances of apprehending criminals.

We can provide video alarm verification and remote guard tours using the specific CCTV installed on your site.

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