How does my alarm panel communicate to the control room?

The most common way for an alarm system to communicate to control room (or monitoring station) is via the telephone line and is the cost of a local call.

Do I need a phone line or internet connection for an alarm panel to report to the control room?

No, you don’t. Most alarm panels report to the control room using a cellular connection specifically designed for security equipment.

Should I have a password for when I contact the control room?

Yes, we do encourage either a site password or an individual password for each alarm system user. This way we can be sure that the person we are talking to is authorised to be onsite.

Do I need to tell the control room when I go on holidays?

Yes, please contact the control room and advise the length of time you will be away and any changes to keyholder contacts during this period.

How do I walk test my alarm system?

1.Please first notify the Rechenberg Control Room of your intention to test the alarm system.
2. Turn the alarm system on.
3. Wait for the exit delay to finish (this can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes)
4. Walk through the areas where there are detectors, open doors that have magnetic reeds, etc. (be aware that the sirens will be activated)
5. Upon completion, disarm the alarm system and contact the Control Room personnel to confirm the zones that alarms were received from. If using the premises telephone, it may take a while for the dial tone to return, as the alarm system might still be sending reports to the alarm receiver which overrides other outgoing calls.

How can I prevent nuisance alarms?

Nuisance alarm is the term we use when an alarm system activates and is not caused by an intruder. Below are some simple ways to prevent them:

  • Ensure people who have access to your premises are aware of the operation of the alarm system
  • Keep detection devices clean that there are no spider webs around sensors and no dust or dirt on sensors
  • Ensure windows are closed so that curtains do not blow in the breeze
  • Keep family pets out of areas that are protected by security sensors
  • Ensure fans and air conditioning units are turned off
  • Do not hang items (eg decorations or posters) in front or near sensors
  • Use insect spray to remove any insects from around the detectors, but do not spray directly onto the sensor.

How do I change an alarm system authorised signatory?

Simply email us at control@rechenberg.com.au and we’ll send through a form for you to fill out.


Do you require a security license to install electronic security?

Yes, every Australian State and Territory has a requirement for security companies and individual technicians to be licensed. Rechenberg Pty Ltd Security License Number is 21987.

Does my alarm system need to be serviced?

The Australian Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems recommends that alarm systems are serviced every 12 months by a licensed security provider.

What do technicians check when my alarm system is serviced?

Our licensed security technicians will check that the battery is fully charged and operational (in case of a power fail, the system will continue working). They will also test the operation of all detection devices, ensuring there are no insects in or around the detectors, and inspect all visible wiring for damage and/or deterioration (mice and rats being a common cause). Finally, they will test audible and visible alarm warning devices are operational, test that the system is reporting alarms direct to the control room (if applicable).

Will my alarm system work with the new NBN Network?

Some alarm systems might not be compatible with the new NBN Network. Find out if yours is by giving us a call or email – one of our friendly team members will be happy to discuss NBN security solutions with you.



Do you cut keys?

Yes, our key cutting service includes a huge range of keys – from general door and cupboard keys to the latest transponder keys. If we don’t have a certain key in stock, we will order it in for you.

Do you cut car keys?

Yes, we have a large range of car keys and can also program remotes and transponders.

Can you repair car locks?

Yes. You can either bring the lock into our retail shop for repair or bring in your car and we will remove the lock and repair it for you. We can also come to you in one of our mobile vehicles and repair/replace your lock there.

How do I get a registered/restricted key cut?

Requests to cut registered or restricted keys are to be in writing and signed by an authorised signatory.

How do I change a registered/restricted key system authorised signatory?

If your authorised signatories have changed for your restricted/registered key system, please email info@rechenberg.com.au and we will send out detailed instructions and the necessary paperwork for completion.


Who will install my Medical Alert Alarm?

Set-up is extremely easy. We provide detailed instructions and phone support to help you out if you need it, however, it is as simple as plugging the base unit into power, turning it on and pressing the pendant button to generate an alarm!

Can I wear the pendant in the bath or shower?

Yes you can, the pendants are water proof and are designed to wear all the time, it is important that you wear it in the bath or shower as this is the most common occurrence for someone to slip.

How long do the battery last in the pendant?

The battery lasts for 5 to 6 years.

What is included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee covers the rental, SIM card and monitoring services.

Do I need to pay for phone calls?

No, this is all included.

Should I test the pendant?

Yes, we have a reminder programmed into the base unit that asks you to test the pendant every month between 8am and 7pm.

What range does the pendant have?

The pendant has a range of 300m in open space. In an average home you should find it will work throughout the house and in the garden and yard. We recommend you test the limitations and be aware of any areas that the pendants may not work in.

Do I own the system?

To keep the costs down for you, we only offer a rental package, which saves a large upfront cost.

Is there a minimum term I have to sign up for?

Our units are on a month to month basis, if you cancel the service at any time during the month the time used is non refundable.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

We do have an agreement that outlines our Terms and Conditions, this does not lock you into a term.

What do I do to cancel the service?

Simply contact us and advise us you wish to cancel the service and return the equipment to us, all recurring fees will be cancelled once the equipment has been received by us.

What if I don’t return the equipment when I cancel the service?

We ask that you return the unit to us within 10 days at your cost, in the event that you don’t we may apply a charge for the replacement equipment.

Does the base unit have a battery back up if the power goes off?

Yes it does, the battery will last up to 48 hours.

If there is a problem with the base unit or pendant how does it get fixed?

We will send you a replacement base unit and pendant with a return post satchel to send the faulty equipment back to us, if you have difficulties installing the replacement equipment a technician can attend at an additional cost.

What if I get the Medical Alert and it doesn’t work because I have no mobile phone signal?

If you have signal issues, we do have a model with an external aerial fitted. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, we will provide a full refund if the equipment is returned within 30 days of purchase.


Can I organise automatic payment of my monthly monitoring?

Yes, we can help take the stress out of paying your account by setting up an automatic direct debit from your nominated account or credit card. Please download the Automatic Payment Authority Form to complete, sign and email to admin@rechenberg.com.au or post to 7A Maryborough Street, Bundaberg, Qld, 4670.


How can I pay my account?

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. You can pay your account by cash at either of our offices, by posting a cheque to 7A Maryborough Street, Bundaberg or by calling our office on 1300 558 020 with your credit card details. Please note that amounts over $1,000.00 may incur a 1.4% credit card fee.
You can also pay by direct credit to our bank account.

Bank: NAB
Account: Rechenberg Pty Ltd
BSB: 084 571
Account: 74 286 9880
Please use your invoice number as the reference.

Do your locksmiths and technicians accept payments?

Yes. You can pay via cash or credit card with any of our locksmiths or security technicians.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes. We accept Mastercard and Visa over the phone. Please phone our office Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00 pm if you wish to make a payment. Please note that amounts over $1,000.00 may incur a 1.4% credit card fee.