Thermal Camera Supply & Installation



Protect your premises with thermal cameras.


High Efficiency, Low Risk

Temperature Measurement at a Safe Distance

Advanced AI and Algorithms

Fixed and Handheld Options Available

The fixed cameras in this range include a turret camera and bullet camera, available in a variety of lens sizes and resolutions to suit your requirements.

A wireless handheld thermographic camera is also available. This handheld option maintains a distance of over 1.5 metres between the operator and target. If the device detects an abnormal temperature, the operator can capture a screenshot as evidence.

Fixed Bullet Camera

Handheld Thermographic Camera

Fixed Turret Camera

The Applications

These thermal cameras are specifically designed for indoor areas and windless environments. This includes a wide range of applications, including:

  • Body corporates and office buildings
  • Factories
  • Stations
  • Compounds and storage yards
  • Airports and customs
  • Food processing plants and abattoirs
  • Fire detection
  • Other public places and businesses

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