Video Verification – Catch Criminals In The Act



If you need to protect your home, business or commercial property from theft and vandalism, professional visual monitoring is your best option!

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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Australia-Wide

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Australia-Wide

Can Greatly Improve Response Time from Police

As we are contacting the police with a verified alarm, the police may prioritise the alarm as there is a confirmed intruder on site. 

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Your Alarm is Verified in Seconds

Our Rechenberg operators can see in seconds if there is someone on-site, allowing them to escalate the situation if appropriate. 


Video verification is a type of professional video monitoring that can save you from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity that could cost you thousands of dollars or lost productivity.

Video verification involves a control room operator verifying the authenticity of an alarm, which provides more information about a potential intruder, allowing the response priority to be managed according to the situation.


When your security system detects an intruder or unusual motion, a video of that activity is instantly sent to our professional control room operators.

Our operators view this footage, and if necessary, engage in live access to your cameras, to determine what triggered the security system.

If criminal activity is observed, the operator can immediately notify emergency services with a verified dispatch.

The Benefits of Professional Visual Verification

Priority Police Response

Police typically prioritise verified alarms, greatly improving police response time.

Enhanced Security

Visual alarm verification adds another level of security to your premises.

24/7 Monitoring Available

The system can be armed 24/7 or at specific times.

Save Money

With visual alarm verification, your premises will be protected from theft, vandalism and other costly criminal activity.

Apprehend Criminals

Our fast operator response time and police prioritisation provide the best possible chance to prevent the crime and apprehend the criminal.

Reduce False Alarm Rate

Operators can easily determine if unusual motion is from an intruder or a false alarm, reducing the likelihood of expensive false alarm fees.

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