No two houses are the same,
so why should their security systems be?

At Rechenberg, we supply and install the latest, high-quality alarm systems, specifically customised to provide the best protection for your home. From simple smoke detection and burglar alarms to extensive CCTV systems, we can make sure your house is covered from all angles.


Our range of home alarm products include:

Control Panel:  the heart and soul of your security system, some of which also control door and garage access, along with home automation capability.

Keypad: benefit from the flexibility of having multiple keypads located in and around your premises. Some access panels also have functionality such as fob access, facial recognition and even biometric readers.

Remote Fobs: for ease of access, these can be configured to arm and disarm your security, open roller doors, and act as a panic button.

Intercoms: often used in larger homes or premises with a secured perimeter, our range of intercoms can take your home security to the next level. Enhance your intercom experience by installing an intercom with a camera for remote viewing of your visitors at the front door or gate, along with inter-room intercoms for easier communication with family members in larger houses.

Detection Devices: there are many types and styles of detection devices, and the type of device used on your premises will depend on your individual requirements. Some of the most common devices used are:

Motion Sensors
Motion Sensors, or PIR (Passive Infrared Detectors), are the most popular type of intruder detection device, as they are relatively inexpensive and can cover entire rooms. They work by measuring infrared light radiating from objects in their field-of-view, and some of our products can also detect heat waves from objects in the room. Depending on the Motion Sensor installed, some are even able to distinguish your family pet as they move past the sensor – we have a range of pet-friendly devices to help you avoid those annoying false alarms.

Magnetic Reed Switches
These small switches are typically used on doors and windows and are particularly useful when used on external doors. They operate through an applied magnetic field which detects the door or window movement.

Temperature Sensors
As the name suggests, these sensors are used in temperature critical situations. They can be used to protect pharmaceutical fridges, frozen or cold stores and server rooms, or for home applications, they can be used in wine cellars, home breweries or even be used in home automation systems to turn on your central heating or air conditioning system.

Smoke Detectors
Electronic security to protect your property against theft is one thing, but a fire could cause just as much devastation. Smoke detectors can easily be added to a security system to provide that extra peace of mind. Rechenberg can supply and install a wide range of detectors, including newer detectors compliant with changing Australian Standards.

Duress/Panic Alarms
Most keypads will have a built-in duress function. However, we can also provide wireless or wired duress buttons/panic alarms on their own.

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