Keeping you and everything that’s important to you safe.


At Rechenberg, we understand that keeping your family safe is the most important thing in the world. And that keeping your assets protected can save a whole lot of unnecessary hassle and inconvenience.

Unlike other security companies, we don’t just fix your locks and leave. We don’t just throw the latest and most expensive CCTV package at you and send a bill in the mail.

We take the time to truly get to know you and your security needs, and tailor specific solutions to suit.

We make sure you know exactly how to use the technology we install, and won’t walk away until you are 100% satisfied with the job we’ve done.

We provide ongoing support and assistance, and are always available to chat about any concerns you may have.

That’s the Rechenberg difference.


  1. To provide total customer service and satisfaction.
  2. To offer the complete security package from locks to electronic security.
  3. To have a presence in every Australian State and Territory, through our 24/7 monitoring control room.
  4. To move with technology stay on top of the ever-expanding services the security industry has to offer


Pride & Tradition

Taking pride in and protecting our long-held tradition of providing exceptional service.

Trust & Reliability

Instilling trust in our customers by maintaining genuine work practices and policies. 

Prevention & Results

Making ourselves unnecessary by preventing the things that make us necessary.

Understanding & Caring

Listening to every individual’s needs and concerns and seeking the best possible solutions.



Having a reliable, trustworthy and highly-skilled team of employees is an asset to any business.

At Rechenberg, we are extremely proud of our expert licensed consultants, operators, locksmiths and technicians, who all work together to understand your specific security requirements.

You can trust that our employees will be able to confidently design, install and monitor the most appropriate system to suit your needs.


Established back in 1971, our company has an extensive history of working in the security industry.

We started from humble beginnings, travelling regional Queensland offering our locksmith services. Fast forward to today and we are providing security systems and alarm monitoring services to more than 8,000 customers Australia-wide!


Establishment date.



In mid-1980, the Rechenberg family entered into a joint venture in electronic security with Rely Security – a company which supplied, installed and monitored electronic alarm systems. Unfortunately due to Gordon’s ill health this successful business was sold.


In 1988, Michael Rechenberg joined Lock Sales & Service and started as an apprentice locksmith, trained by his father, Gordon Rechenberg.


In 1993, the company once again ventured into electronic security with the supply and installation of alarm systems. Gordon and Marion decided to open their own 24-hour security monitoring centre in Bundaberg to monitor activations from the alarm systems they installed. They employed security officers to provide 24-hour response to alarm activations.


In 2001, Rechenberg opened an office in Brisbane and soon after was providing a full range of security products and services to customers from the Gold Coast to Cairns.


In 2003, sadly Gordon Rechenberg passed away, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in security and locksmithing. Marion Rechenberg semi-retired from the company years later.


In 2014, Michael Rechenberg became Managing Director of Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths and continues in maintaining the original goals of Gordon and Marion – to provide the same high level of service and customer satisfaction.


Rechenberg customers receive the benefit of our manufacturer’s warranty and their respective warranty periods for each individual product purchased. The Manufacturer’s Warranty Period shall begin on the date of commissioning of the equipment or date of purchase. In addition to the product warranty, Rechenberg also warrants our own workmanship and materials under normal use and service for 3 years from the date of installation.

Please note: Warranty does not cover;

Costs of recovery of the products from site.
Damage, fault, failure or malfunction due to external causes including accident, abuse, misuse, mechanical, or electrical overload, abrasion, corrosion, incorrect installation by third parties.
Failure to perform required preventative maintenance or normal wear and tear.

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