Access Control


Control and restrict movements within your business


Access control is a sophisticated and reliable way to provide access to your business premises. It also makes managing the location of your employees and visitors a seamless process.

Types of Access Control

There are a range of options when choosing an access control system for your business.

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Key Card

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Facial Recognition

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Time of Day

What is Access Control?

Access Control systems allow you to restrict access to different areas of your business. Through the use of Smart access technology employees can be authorized to access only certain areas of your business at different times of the day. Rechenberg offer easy installation and setup on a range of access solutions for doors, gates, cages, cupboards and padlocks.

Integrated with your security system

Rechenberg offer integrated access control systems that work with your existing security systems (both CCTV and Alarm systems) to provide the ultimate protection for your premises. By adding Access control to your existing security system you can physically restrict access and monitor access of users. Alarms and notifications can be configured to go off when an unauthorized user attempts to gain entry.

Benefits of Access Control

Access Control systems give you full control over the security of your business. The use of electronic locks have many advantages over traditional key systems.

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Secure an Area

Keep your employees and visitors out of sensitive areas

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Observe & Track Movements

Track when and where employees move around your workplace.

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Protect Against Intruders

Prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your business.

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Integrate with other security systems

Integrate your Access control to activate or disable alarms, motion sensors or CCTV

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Restrict Movements

Restrict Access so people can’t wander into areas they shouldn’t be in.

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Time Access

Control when different people can enter your  premises.

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Limit Physical Keys

Remove the hassle of physical keys and replace them with a single access device that works with multiple doors.

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Limit Occupancy

Comply with safety or covid regualations by limiting the total number of people able to access certain areas at one time


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