Combat COVID-19 with Temperature Screening Cameras



Reduce the risk to your staff, customers and business with temperature screening cameras.


Optical and thermal camera image

High Efficiency, Low Risk

Temperature Measurement at a Safe Distance

Advanced AI and Algorithms

Possible Early Detection of COVID-19

Screen employees and visitors when they first arrive on site and throughout the day for possible early detection in the fight against COVID-19. Early detection of coronavirus may limit the impact of social isolation required of a greater number of people in the workplace.

Protect Employees, Customers and Your Business

Protect employees, customers and your business by measuring skin temperature as people arrive on-site and as they go about their normal day while still on-site.

Fixed and Handheld Options Available

The fixed cameras in this range include a turret camera and bullet camera, available in a variety of lens sizes and resolutions to suit your requirements.

A wireless handheld thermographic camera is also available. This handheld option maintains a safe distance of over 1.5 metres between the operator and target population, greatly reducing the risk of transmitting COVID-19. If the device detects a person with a fever, the operator can capture a screenshot of the person as evidence.

Fixed Bullet Camera

Handheld Thermographic Camera

Fixed Turret Camera

Accurate and Efficient Measurement

These cameras are equipped with Artificial Intelligence, intelligent deep learning algorithms and advanced detectors, with an accuracy down to ±0.3˚C. If a person passes the thermographic cameras that has a fever, an alert is generated locally by the camera via embedded audio alarms, or to a remote operator.

Low Risk

Track the temperature of your employees and visitors in a non-invasive and non-contact way to avoid physical contact while keeping a safe social distance, while receiving a response almost instantaneously.

Unlike other fever testing methods, these Fever Screening cameras require less manpower to operate and can scan multiple people at once. Moreover, all the data collected by the cameras can be archived.

The Applications

Hikvision’s Fever Screening series is specifically designed for crowded indoor areas and windless environments. This includes a wide range of applications, including:

  • Body corporates and office buildings
  • Factories
  • Stations
  • Airports and customs
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals, doctor surgeries and other medical facilities
  • Aged care facilities, retirement villages and nursing homes
  • Food processing plants and abattoirs
  • Other public places and businesses

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