Severe Heatwave To Hit Queensland This Week

Severe Heatwave To Hit Queensland This Week
February 9, 2018 Rechenberg

This week temperatures are predicted to soar to 45 oC as Queenslanders brace themselves for a severe heatwave.

In extreme situations such as this, it is vital that those most vulnerable, particularly the sick and elderly, are well looked after, and checked on regularly.

Although older family members may have a Medical Alert Alarm that allows them to receive immediate assistance by the touch of a button, they may not realise that they are getting dehydrated or at the point that they should press their medical alert button. In fact, Australia Medical Association of Queensland Council of General Practice chair Richard Kidd states that, “more than 500 people die [from] heat stress in Australia each year.”

To beat the heat, it is recommended that citizens stay in cool conditions, keep hydrated, are checked on regularly and keep their medical alerts on person at all times.

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