What is 'access control' and how can your Australian business benefit from it?

What is ‘access control’ and how can your Australian business benefit from it?
February 22, 2018 Rechenberg

Does your Australian business premise include areas that are classified as ‘off limits’ to certain staff? When you hire contractors to enter your building are there particular levels or rooms that you don’t want them to be able to enter? Most of all, are you sick of cutting keys for employees and feeling wary about exactly how many copies are in rotation? It can become difficult to keep tabs on every person coming in and out of your place of business, and who has access to where. That’s where access control comes in.

Fully controlled access.

Easily manage every person’s entry with a wireless access control system and ensure that security is kept under wraps at all times! Know who is coming and going, when and where in the building. If you frequently invite clients, contractors and cleaning staff onto the premises, access control is an invaluable asset that can prevent many security breaches. You can even program an individual’s CyberKey to only allow access between certain times of the day, for one-off events or only on particular days of the week. Furthermore, if there is a security breach, you can immediately track exactly who entered the building and area at the specific time that the infringement occurred. If you have cause to suspect unlawful behaviour, you can retract access to any individual through your wireless security network.

Get rid of your keyring.

One of the most convenient features of an access control system is that it allows employees to ditch heavy, jangling sets of keys. One key is all they need, and this can come in the form of a swipe card, remote fob or CyberKey, all operated wirelessly through a secure network system. You can stop worrying about who has cut copies of the keys to your business, and where they have ended up after staff have resigned. Retracting access is easier than ever once a staff member has left your business for good. An access control system will provide you with ongoing security and better peace of mind.

The benefits of integrated security and access control systems.

Are you looking for a seamless relationship between the access control system and security system on your business premises? You’ve come to the right place. Rechenberg specialises in integrating business security and access control systems so that your premises are supremely guarded. Arm your staff with personalised remote fobs or CyberKeys to gain access to the building, or have facial recognition devices installed. If you really want to ensure access is bulletproof to particular areas, Rechenberg can even install biometric readers connected to door locks.

Not just for doors.

Is there a certain filing cabinet in your place of business that contains extremely sensitive documents? Or a cupboard of supplies that requires strict supervision? Rechenberg can install access control not only on doors but also on cupboards, cages, gates and padlocks. The system is completely wireless and can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The best part? Everything can connect to your security network, providing admission to only certain individuals.

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