Christmas Brings Joy, But Also Higher Crime Rates

Christmas Brings Joy, But Also Higher Crime Rates
December 14, 2018 Rechenberg

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration that brings families and friends together for precious moments. However, research shows that during this cherished time, the rate of crime increases.

Based on data collected from the New South Wales Police from 2011 to 2016, burglaries and break-and-enters are common offences over the Christmas period, with these crimes happening most frequently in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.

According to the Queensland Police Service Online Crime Map, robbery offences in Bundaberg have been consistently high in December over the last five years. Similarly, in previous years central Brisbane has had a surge of crime towards the end of December, with an average of over 3400 offences in the CBD alone.

Seeing these statistics can be alarming, but there is no need to worry about the Grinch spoiling your Christmas! There are many simple ways to prevent robberies and break-ins from happening to you!

Home Security During The Festive Season

One of the best ways to prevent a break-in is to ensure that you have quality locks on your doors, and a working and up-to-date alarm system. At Rechenberg, we sell a wide variety of alarm systems, ranging from motion sensors to temperature sensors, meaning we have a system that would be perfect for you, no matter your situation! For more detailed information about our different types of alarm systems click here!

Not fussed on alarm systems? A better option for you might be video surveillance! Whether you’re at home for Christmas or on a holiday, our surveillance options give you the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure, which you can check by reviewing video footage live! Some video surveillance systems even allow you to archive footage for days, weeks, or months!

Equally as important as the alarm or video surveillance system you choose to install is the team of people that are monitoring your system! Our team of experts monitor systems Australia-wide and have redundant systems in place to ensure seamless monitoring is provided 24-hours a day – no matter the circumstance. Our alarm response time surpasses the requirement for a Grade 1 Control Room, under the Australian Standards. In the event of a security alarm activation, the Rechenberg Control Room team will act promptly to meet your predetermined instructions and get help to your premises as soon as possible. We can also provide video alarm verification if you have CCTV installed, allowing the team to visually verify if an intruder is on site. This is critical when contacting the police as it increases the chances of apprehending criminals.

Want more information on our advanced alarm systems and alarm monitoring services? Give us a call today on 4150 1234 or contact us today!