Drones in the Security Industry

Drones in the Security Industry
17/01/2020 Rechenberg

In today’s modern age, technology is growing at a rapid rate, with new devices being released each year. In recent years, drones have evolved substantially and are used for a wide range of different purposes, from delivering packages to even drone surveillance. These surveillance drones, also known as Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAV), are starting to be seen more in security applications.

At the 2018 Security Exhibition and Conference, one of the most noteworthy displays was the Dahua Technology Drone Zone. This exhibit showcased a variety of different drones, each with impressive features built specifically to complete specific tasks. To successfully and efficiently complete these diverse tasks, UAV must have a high level of stability and be able to quickly adapt to different applications and environments.

Drone Surveillance

Generally, most people think of security drones being utilised for surveillance. In these applications, drones act as an extra pair of eyes for security guards, particularly for dangerous areas or locations that are physically inaccessible to security guards. Doing this provides security guards with a birds-eye view of the location, which is invaluable in security applications and may cover any potential blind spots. Certain smart UAV have state-of-the-art artificial intelligence integrated, allowing the UAV to accurately detect threats and trigger an alarm.

Additionally, drones can be utilised to survey and control large public events and crowds, such as protests, festivals or sporting competitions, for public safety and civil security reasons. These applications enable the user to have more control over events, as well as situational awareness and more informed decision making if a mishap were to occur during an event. With short-range and long-range tracking capabilities, UAV are the perfect asset to assist with these situations.

Transmitting Images and Licence Plate Identification

Drones can transmit images up to 10km, allowing them to stream live audio or video data live to nearby Control Rooms. Some UAV also possess technology that identifies vehicle licence plates. These features may be vital for emergency services and security companies by providing them with important information as soon as it happens. This will help them identify and locate criminals, or track down speeding cars.

Quicker Response Times

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently conducted a study in New York, where they compared the speed of drones against ambulances in peak-hour traffic. The research concluded that “in certain cases, drones could quick deliver life-saving interventions during city’s peak rush hour.” As technology continues to advance, UAV will only become faster, which will be vital in security applications where UAV are relied upon.

Thermal Imaging

By installing thermal cameras into drones, these mobile vehicles can detect heat, and translate it into a visible temperature pattern. This can then be used in many ways, from detecting forest fires, to even search and rescue operations.

It is predicted that using drones will become more popular in the coming years as drone technology advances, and will eventually become commonplace, both in commercial industries, as well as in day-to-day life.

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