What are the Benefits of using Video Verification?

What are the Benefits of using Video Verification?
05/02/2020 Rechenberg
What are the benefits of using video verification?

With the rising demand for Video Verification, this innovative technology is bound to become the future of the security industry. Because of this, it’s important to know what Video Verification is, and how it works

There are a variety of locations Video Verification can be used alongside commercial and residential premises. This includes car yards for perimeter protection (along fence lines or boundary fences). There are a wide variety of reasons to use Video Verification, the priority of which may differ depending on the specific premises. The uses range from the high level of security and peace of mind it provides, and the increased priority from emergency services. 

Higher Level of Security and Higher Priority Response from Emergency Services

Although our clients use Video Verification for many different reasons, the main purpose of installing Video Verification is for the high level of security it provides. 

When an alarm is triggered, an alert is immediately sent to the Control Room, while a security camera on the premises simultaneously begins recording the area where the alarm was triggered. When the Control Room receives this video footage, an operator views and verifies the authenticity of the alarm.

From our experience of monitoring alarms since 1993, we have found that when the Control Room contacts the police service with a verified alarm, the response is generally given a higher priority as the Control Room has already verified that there is an intruder on site. 

Particularly where sites have a high dollar value on their premises, quicker response time is crucial to, at the very least minimise the losses from theft, or in the best case, potentially catch the criminal in the act. Without Video Verification, the police may prioritise the alarm response based on their other workload, which may be treated as a higher priority over your alarm. 

This is particularly important for duress buttons in retail situations, as when the Control Room contacts the police, we are contacting them with a verified alarm. This will mean the alarm may get higher priority than a traditional alarm from an alarm panel that is not visually verified.

Respond to Events More Appropriately

Via video verification, the Control Room is provided with more information about what type of threat triggered the alarm. Users generally think that the only use of Video Verification is for when a security alarm is triggered, however, Video Verification can also be used for Fire Detection. With this information, you can respond to the threat more appropriately, and contact the most suitable Emergency Service personnel. 

Reduce False Alarm Rate

The beauty of video verification is that an intrusion does get verified as real, so you know for certain that it is not a false alarm. However, without the Video Verification process, there is a chance that it is just a false alarm, meaning security patrol or emergency services may have been unnecessarily contacted.

By installing Video Verification technology to work in conjunction with your alarm system, the Control Room will be able to verify that the event is real before contacting emergency services, saving their and your own valuable time.

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