How Technology Has Evolved the Locksmith Industry

How Technology Has Evolved the Locksmith Industry
May 7, 2019 Rechenberg
How Technology Has Evolved the Locksmith Industry

Locksmithing is nothing new. Keeping property safe has been something that humans have practised for thousands of years.

Origins of the humble door lock can actually be traced back more than four thousand years ago to the Egyptians[1].

Over the course of the last couple of thousand years, simple physical locks remain just as important now as they ever have, as they are reliable and effective.

However, there are still technological advances in locksmithing that are changing how we secure things.

Innovations such as digital keys, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and timer based controls are all starting to become more commonplace and affordable.

Smart Locks for a Smart World

One of the downsides of having a physical lock and key is that keys can be copied and given to other people.

You may end up with no idea who has access to a property on any given day, which can become a major security risk.

Digital locks are a more secure option because they allow for more control over access.

A popular variety of digital locks utilise codes. Although there still is a possibility that a user shares the code, changing codes is much easier than rekeying the premises.  

Biometric Sensors

Biometric systems are a good option for ultra-high security settings when business owners cannot afford the possibility of people breaching security.

These systems utilise physical characteristics of a person for access, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scans.

Hence, to operate biometric sensor locks, an authorised person must be present to operate the lock.

Locks Are Part of the Internet of Things Too

A lot of technological chatter tends to focus on the Internet of Things (IoT).

This is the idea of being able to control and communicate with common devices over the Internet.

This means that locks can be monitored and managed remotely by authorised personnel over the internet, adding an extra layer of security [3].

Simplicity and Reliability

As locks become more sophisticated, as does locksmithing.

Old locks were easy to breach, as most locks had a low number of potential pin configurations.

Skeleton keys fell out of use a long time ago, and there are no skeleton keys for more advanced modern pin and tumbler type locks.

However, there are master keys for some brands of locks.

Those who want high-security, simple locks should look for a lock that is hardened to be more secure.

This will reduce the risk of the lock being picked, and also being drilled through[4].

Most reliable locks and modern day security systems will make it harder for a burglar or thief to access a property ‘through the door’.  

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, no level of technology can prevent brute force or creative burglars who are willing to attempt anything to gain access.

Therefore, if you are protecting something valuable be sure to also take into consideration your windows and even your roof.

In this case, if you really want an extra deterrent, then you should also consider a CCTV system.

However, as a starting point, solid locks and access control should be implemented immediately.

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