How the NBN will affect your medical alarms

How the NBN will affect your medical alarms
22/06/2017 Rechenberg

Calling all aged-care facility owners.

As you already may know, the NBN network will be replacing most of the existing landline phone and internet networks in Australia very soon. This means that any equipment that uses the telephone line for communications – including the medical alarms at your assisted living facility – may not work. Some equipment will stop communicating altogether, while virtually all equipment will be susceptible to failure during electrical interruptions.

As the person responsible for the medical alarm system, you would know how important it is to ensure that your residents are always safe and secure. Without a reliable medical alarm system, how can you safeguard against potential medical emergencies and protect your residents from harm?


Introducing the NBN Medical Alarm Subsidy Scheme.

The NBN is offering a Medical Alarm Subsidy Scheme to assisted living facilities that either:
a) have their medical alarms monitored by a 24-hour monitoring centre, or
b) self-monitor internally and engage a 24-hour monitoring centre to monitor their alarms from a base control room before the subsidy scheme deployment in August 2017

Previously, only facilities that were monitored by a third party professional control room were eligible. This has now changed. NBN Co. has extended the Medical Alarm Subsidy Scheme to facilities that currently self-monitor with PSTN hardware that is AS4607 compliant.


How does the subsidy scheme work?

Under this scheme, the NBN will subsidise the replacement of your eligible existing equipment with brand new NBN-compatible 3G medical alarms. Without this subsidy, it’s likely that you will need to budget substantial capital to replace the old technology. For example, facilities with 100 medical alarms could cost more than $45,000 to upgrade!

To register for the NBN Subsidy Scheme you must be registered with a 24/7 alarm monitoring service provider, like Rechenberg, and have started the upgrade process before 31st of August 2017.


How can we help?

Rechenberg is an Australian alarm monitoring provider, offering 24/7 observation and professional monitoring solutions that are tailored just for you. We can provide NBN-ready solutions, utilising cellular technology to monitor your systems.

Our company is eligible to apply for the NBN subsidy on your behalf. NBN Co. will then assess your subsidy application, taking into account the extended date for eligibility cut-off, and advise us of your outcome. If successful, your existing alarm system will be upgraded to new 3G medical alarms at a minimal cost (depending on the peripherals of each medical unit).

Our Control Room monitors alarm systems Australia-wide 24 hrs a day.
When an alarm event is received a trained operator will follow your predetermined instructions for the event ensuring that the appropriate action is taken.
Cost effective solutions for facilities both big and small.


Call us on 1300 852 148 to arrange a FREE on-site assessment, or send us an online enquiry today to find out how can help you.