What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?
20/02/2020 Rechenberg

Fleet tracking, also known as vehicle and asset tracking, is a management system that tracks the activity of assets no matter the shape or size, ranging from cars and trucks to generators, and even cranes. Anything you need to track, we can provide a tracking solution.

Fleet tracking completes this feat by using award-winning GPS tracking devices, software, and telematics technology. The data retrieved from the fleet of assets is collected in real-time, meaning you get notified of your assets whereabouts as they move.

User-Friendly Information

You may think that you will get flooded with information, but with Rechenberg, that’s not the case, even if you have hundreds of assets that need tracking. The fleet tracking software is extremely intelligent and can interpret and decipher extremely large amounts of data. Then, the software converts this data to accessible, user-friendly, and most importantly, useful information.

With dashboards, exception alerts, detailed live maps and excel-based reporting, you can focus on the information that matters most to you. Not only can this information be accessed on a desktop, but also remotely via mobile.

Fleet tracking dashboard

Make Strategic Decisions

With fleet tracking, you can make executive and strategic fleet management decisions about jobs and operations. Want to know which vehicle should be dispatched for the next job based on which vehicle is closer? Or what time you’re employee knocked off work?

Maybe you’re curious about how many trailers are left in the warehouse, or if your lone worker has finished at the job site? These are the type of questions that fleet tracking has answers for.

Enhanced Security

By utilising real-time GPS tracking, you are ensuring that you know where your assets are 24/7, protecting your assets from theft. In the event that your asset is stolen, it can be quickly located via the GPS mapping, and authorities can be dispatched to its exact location. Further security can be provided to employees as features, such as accident and roll-over of vehicles, can be monitored, providing WHS benefit as well.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

By viewing the live map of a team member on the run, you can manage and improve the efficiency of their route by sending them near-real-time notifications. Additionally, you can monitor the movement, idling status, and time spent at particular locations of each asset individually and view immediate snapshots of daily movements.

Fleet tracking trip history

Another exceptional aspect of fleet tracking is being able to monitor fuel consumption and knowing that your vehicles and assets are being maintained thoroughly and routinely.

Improved Driving Behaviour

By accessing an assets trip history, you receive information about the vehicle operators driving behaviour, displayed directly on a map for easy viewing.

This information includes vehicle movement history, inactivity and temperature, accidents and speed violations, driver behaviour (such as harsh acceleration), and other important events

By having this information, the vehicle operators can learn and improve their driving habits, which is particularly vital if driving in a vehicle with sign-writing.

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