How NBN May Affect Your Phone, Internet and Security Services

How NBN May Affect Your Phone, Internet and Security Services
May 15, 2018 Rechenberg

As the 18-month grace period for NBN nears its end, more than 74% of homes and businesses are connected to the network. However, almost 100 000 premises in “NBN ready” areas have still not moved over to NBN, and may potentially lose their phone and internet services – 19 000 of which are Queensland sites.

For those yet to make the switch, accessing services over NBN is not automatic. To maintain landline phone and internet services, your preferred phone and internet provider must be directly contacted to order a service.

The NBN rollout will also affect all the services connected to your internet and landline.

Rechenberg Managing Director, Michael Rechenberg, said if you have a monitored system or medical alarm, you need to be aware that changing to NBN will affect how your system reports to the control room.

“A great majority of existing systems won’t effectively communicate over the NBN network,” he said.

“Plus, there are issues in the event of a blackout, as the NBN router requires power to function on the NBN.”

At Rechenberg we can offer NBN compatible packages that utilise cellular technology and 24/7 control room monitoring. We provide long-term solutions that will cap your communication costs and provide a higher level of security at the same time. This way, you can continue to rest easy in your home knowing that your security system isn’t compromised.

To check when the NBN will be installed in your area, enter your address here.

Rechenberg NBN changeover specialists can provide advice and assistance in selecting and implementing a cost-effective NBN Ready solution to suit your alarm configuration. To find out more about NBN and how it may affect your security systems, don’t hesitate to contact us today.