Safety devices to keep your loved one safe when you're not there after Christmas

Safety devices to keep your loved one safe when you’re not there after Christmas
December 15, 2017 Rechenberg

One of the most cherished aspects of Christmas is that the whole family comes together to catch up and celebrate. It’s especially important for seeing elderly parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, whose restriction of movement may prevent them from travelling to see loved ones as often as preferred.

But once the festivities are over, leaving your elderly family members alone in their homes again can make you feel anxious and guilty. You’re worried that they’ll have a fall or experience a serious health impediment and no one will be present to assist them. Worse yet, they might not have the strength to find a phone in time to call for help.


Maintaining independence while ensuring safety.

Many aged or frail people wish to keep their independence by staying in their own home and living by themselves, rather than relocating to a nursing home. This independence is important to them and you want to respect their decision. But you find yourself worrying about them constantly because of any health problems or restrictions in movement that they may be experiencing.

But what if we told you that there is a solution to your stress which will both maintain your loved one’s independence and ensure their safety?


Introducing the Rechenberg Medical Alert Alarm…

Rechenberg’s medical alert alarms are simple, easy-to-operate remote fobs that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. Their sole purpose is to provide superior safety for those experiencing health problems, so that they may always access immediate medical assistance at the push of a button.

When the button is pushed, an alarm will be sent to Rechenberg’s 24-hour control centre, alerting an operator that your loved one requires help. The operator will connect with their alarm to communicate, and send assistance immediately if necessary.


Fall detection feature

Rechenberg’s medical alert alarm also includes the option of installing a fall detection feature. With this feature, a signal for help can be sent out if your loved has a fall and may be unconscious and unable to press the alert button.


Peace of mind

Instal in your loved one’s home is the best way to cease your sleepless nights of worry, rest assured that they are safe and respect their independence. Rechenberg’s medical alert alarms are affordable, unobtrusive and 100% reliable. Don’t leave your elderly family members after Christmas, in a state of anxiety; leave knowing that no matter what happens, help is only the press of a button away at all times.


To find out more about our medical alert alarms, please visit our page or contact us today to discuss features and suitability.