EKA CyberKeys: convenient and secure access control for your business

EKA CyberKeys: convenient and secure access control for your business
July 10, 2018 Rechenberg

Controlling who accesses your business premises is about to get a lot easier. The EKA CyberKey provides personalised access control for every employee in your company, from receptionists to cleaners, general managers to contractors.

With the EKA CyberKey system, you decide who has access to which areas of your property. The best part is, you don’t have to waste time and money getting different keys cut, and keeping track of them all. It’s just one carefully encrypted key for each employee, which cannot be duplicated. Read on to find out about how the EKA CyberKey can make your working environment simpler, and more secure.

One key for many locks (not just doors!)

One EKA CyberKey can access all locks within the system if its permissions are set to do so. This includes doors, cupboards, cabinets and really anything that you need a lock on! Each employee’s EKA CyberKey will be personalised to give them permission to open certain locks within the building. This is particularly useful if you have cleaners who come in overnight. You can provide them with access to only the areas of the building that they need to clean, within the time frame that they are employed to come in. Likewise, being able to control when people can access particular areas is beneficial if you use contractors.

Revoke access with ease

You can remotely set an expiry date and time for a keyholder’s key. Gain better peace of mind when lost keys are reported. Just like a credit card, you can cancel all permissions straight away so that any person who may find the key, cannot access your business premises. The ability to quickly revoke access is also advantageous when employees resign or leave on sudden and difficult terms.

View access history for each key owner

Each key stores its owners access history for the last 3900 locks it has been given, or denied, access to. Viewing access history can be very helpful if there has been suspected dishonest or negative behaviour in your workplace. It’s also vital when unfortunate accidents occur, and you need to pinpoint the cause in order to put preventative measures in place in the future.

Maintain security on your premises, even when power is down

If the power goes down in an outage or a storm, you may lose access to your hard-wired system. However, each lock can be powered up by the Cyberlock key itself, as access is required. This ensures that security is never compromised in bad weather or scheduled outages.

Added bonuses

The EKA CyberKey is also:

  • Impact resistant
  • Wear-resistant (with a replaceable brass tip)
  • Water resistant (with coated electronics)
  • Able to come in standard, rechargeable and Bluetooth versions

The EKA CyberKey provides security for your premises, and access for your employees, without the headache!

Rechenberg are Queensland’s leading security specialists and can install EKA CyberKey Access Control to businesses within the Bundaberg and Brisbane regions. Contact us today for a free on-site assessment!