Security Tips this Christmas

Security Tips this Christmas
23/12/2021 RechenbergSecurity
Home Security During The Festive Season

If you are looking forward to Christmas, you should know that thieves wait in eager anticipation too! reports an increase in unlawful entry’s in December and January each year, but don’t worry, we have compiled a list of simple security tips to help you avoid any nasty surprises this Christmas season.

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

This may seem obvious to some but keeping your doors and windows securely closed and locked eliminates easy entry points for unwanted guests. Use deadlocks or bolts if you have them to keep yourself as secure as possible.  Check to see that your sheds or other external buildings are locked tight too.


2. Arm Your Alarm System

If you have an alarm system, remember to arm it every time you leave the house. Christmas is a popular time for burglars and opportunistic thieves looking inside your house for a quick score. Keeping your alarm system armed gives you the peace of mind that your personal response plan will be actioned if anything happens. If you don’t have an alarm system protecting your home contact us on 1300 852 138 to see how little peace of mind will cost you.


3. Update Your Signage

Placing signage on your fence and windows showing your home is protected by Rechenberg is a major deterrent for criminals. Make sure your stickers or signs are placed in obvious, easy to see locations so criminals will think twice about targeting your property. If you need new signs or stickers give Rechenberg a call us on 1300 852 138 to request some.


4. Have Your Alarm System Professionally Monitored

Make sure your alarm system is monitored by Rechenberg. We keep an eye on your system 24/7 alerting you and the authorities immediately if your alarm is triggered.


5. Update Your Contact Information

If you are leaving your home for the holidays make sure to let us know about your plans so we can update your contact information. We can temporarily assign a new contact such as a neighbour or friend who lives nearby who can be contacted in addition to you if an alarm is triggered.


6. Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV systems record everything that goes on in and around your home. A well placed security camera not only deters potential criminals but will also capture any suspicious activity around your home. Contact Rechenberg to find the best CCTV option to keep your home safe.


7. Activate Motion Sensor Lighting

Thieves want to work in the shadows. Placing motion-sensor floodlights around your property, particularly near entrance points like doors and windows, can alert your family or neighbours to potential activity outside your home.


8. Be Careful About What Information You Post Online

While everyone loves to show off their gifts or plans online, sharing these details can make you a target for thieves and crooks. If they know when you are going away, this provides an easy window to break into your home. While posting a picture of that expensive TV will impress your friends, it notifies criminals of a potential target.


9. Make Your Home Look Lived In

Remember to have your local post office hold your mail if you going away for a long period of time. Ask a neighbour or a friend to check on your property or pick up any packages that may be delivered. If you have home automation such as smart lights or outlets, set your lights to turn on and off at different times of the day to give the illusion someone is home.


10. Hide Boxes and Packaging

The box from that brand new 50” TV or PlayStation you just got for Christmas acts as a beacon to thieves and lets them know exactly what they will find in your home. Conceal or break down your boxes and dispose of them inside your recycling bin away from prying eyes.


For more information about how Rechenberg Security can help keep your home or business safe with a tailored security alarm or CCTV system, contact us online or call 1300 852 138 and let us provide a customised security system to meet your needs.



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