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Smartphone app designed to unlock your Volvo

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Sick of spending ten minutes scouring the house for your car keys before work?

This could be a thing of the past with Volvo’s new vehicle locking system, due to roll out early 2017. The best part? No more physical keys to immediately lose track of whenever you place them down. The locking system will work solely off of your smartphone, which, let’s face it, we always have on us these days.

What does it do?

Based on Bluetooth connectivity, the smartphone app will emulate all the functions of a conventional car key – including opening the boot and starting the engine. Volvo intends for the digital key app to be operable across multiple cars from your smartphone. This will support families with more than one Volvo in the garage.

How does it work?

Your car will constantly be on the lookout for your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity. When it’s within reach of your vehicle (with your phone turned on, in your pocket or bag), you will be able to touch the handle of your car, and it will unlock. Your app doesn’t even need to be open! As long as your Bluetooth is on, your car will lock and unlock as required. To lock, you simply need to touch the square indent in your door’s handle. To start your car, you need to be sitting in the driver’s seat with your phone immediately around your person. Twist the ignition button in the centre console, and you can be off in a jiffy!

How does it make life easier?

Volvo’s smart locking system will make navigating the car sharing economy an absolute breeze. If a family member needs to borrow your car while you’re overseas, you can simply send them the digital key to open the vehicle via their smartphone. It also means if you rent a car through an agency, you can just turn up, find your car via GPS tracking and access it immediately. No more lengthy queues to pick up physical keys! Does your business share a company car? There’s no need to worry about losing track of the car key with a smartphone app to operate the vehicle instead!

We can’t wait to see how this new technology will make consumers lives easier and change the face of the locksmithing industry!