The Benefits of Smoke Alarm Video Verification

The Benefits of Smoke Alarm Video Verification
April 30, 2018 Rechenberg

Smoke detectors are an extremely important tool used to keep businesses safe by alerting emergency services of possible fires. However, some systems are prone to false alarms, which can be costly and consume the time of emergency response workers who are unnecessarily sent to an otherwise safe site. Luckily, there is a solution!

Introducing video verification for smoke alarms

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recently stated that approximately “18,000 unwanted alarm activations from monitored fire alarm systems [are responded to] each year”. To prevent such problems from occurring in the future, Rechenberg has implemented video alarm verification, which is becoming a standard tool used in the alarm monitoring industry.

How does smoke alarm video verification work?

Step 1 – The smoke alarm is set off

When your smoke alarm is activated, an alarm signal is transmitted to our 24/7 monitoring control room.

Step 2 – We find out if there is a fire

Our security professionals will review the alarm information and check the live video feed to verify if there is a fire, and may contact the local fire department and your pre-selected emergency contact to provide a situation update.

Step 3 – You’ll benefit from fast response times

If there is a fire, firefighters will come running! This is particularly beneficial if your office is empty when the alarm goes off, and there is no one there to call the fire department. Having those extra minutes (instead of relying on someone else in the surrounding area to call) makes all the difference, and can result in the fire being put out more quickly. This could save your expensive equipment, warehouse stock, products, and more.

The benefits of video alarm verification

By using video alarm verification in response to a triggered alarm, sites can be monitored and assessed prior to dispatching any services, reducing the cost and waste involved if this were not used, and as a result, improving operational efficiency. Additionally, if an alarm is verified using video, emergency services will have more details to respond to the situation appropriately and effectively.

To find out more information about how smoke alarm video verification may benefit your organisation, contact us today.