Artificial Intelligence Within the Security Industry

Artificial Intelligence Within the Security Industry
May 7, 2019 Rechenberg
Artificial Intelligence Within the Security Industry

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has usually been reserved for Hollywood movies and highly intellectual debates.

However, AI has become increasingly mainstream in recent times. This has to do with the incredible progress made in the industry over the last few years.

Certain security solutions have constantly been referred to as a “must” for AI technology and that’s where a lot of the attention is now focussed.

Here’s a look at what AI has to offer and whether or not it has been fully realised in its current form.

The Power of AI in Security

AI is starting to pick up steam in the world of security as more and more businesses incorporate AI solutions into their systems.

Being able to harness the power of AI technology is something all leading security firms believe is essential.

Right now, technology has the basics down pat, including facial recognition and other recognition patterns.

In certain cases, the data can even be used to develop profiles and predict certain behaviour.

This is the unique power of AI technology and something humans have never seen before in the past.

With the attention on AI technology increasing by the day, the security industry (public and private) continues to invest more money.

Businesses want to be able to make use of cutting-edge solutions to ensure everything is secured and protected for as long as possible.

In its present state, the solutions do a great job and offer the kind of advantages that was near impossible a mere decade ago.

Identification of Foreign Targets

This is a fairly recent concept that is being worked on with the help of AI technology.

The premise is simple and that’s to identify foreign targets (i.e. unknown persons to the system) and pinpointing whether or not they’re a threat.

This is a golden opportunity for private security firms to push the technology to another level.

Will They Be Able to Do It?

There are many things to consider and professionals believe it is going to take time.

This is one of the reasons AI technology is still growing and hasn’t yet got to the point where it is totally dominating.

Self-evolution Is Needed

The final step to realising its true potential involves self-evolution (i.e. adapting without human interference).

Imagine someone breaks into your premises and the AI picks up a new pattern that was used to get through its defences.

The AI technology is unable to make corrections and has to wait until it’s fed new directions to adapt.

However, experts believe with time, the AI will adapt on the spot and won’t need to wait for human intervention to come in and make updates and changes.

This is the type of power professionals are expecting in the world of security when AI reaches its full potential.

Will it Be Able to Get to That Point?

This is one of the biggest questions in the security industry right now and it’s a query many scientists are considering.

While some believe it is a mandatory step forward, others remain apprehensive about giving AI technology too much power.

This is a unique problem and one that will need to be addressed as time goes on.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence continues to grow in leaps and bounds with each passing year.

As more and more financial capital is poured into this industry, the innovations are beginning to shine through on a regular basis.

While security is always evolving, the inclusion of new-age AI is becoming a mandatory expectation as experts assess potential solutions.

The power of a high-grade AI solution is impossible to beat and its advantages are simply spectacular.

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