How Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance

How Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance
June 27, 2019 RechenbergSecurity
3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Surveillance Industry

As part of modern-day technological innovation, we seem to be incorporating artificial intelligence on everything we possibly can. 

This includes adding AI to surveillance systems used by consumers and governments. 

It is expected that AI will increase the potency of surveillance systems moving into the future in the following ways:

  • AI is giving computers the power of understanding and analysing videos
  • It will be integrated into surveillance systems to function independently of the internet or any other network
  • AI will make mass video surveillance possible.

AI Is Making It Possible for Computers to Understand Videos

Video surveillance is considered as a must-have security tool. 

However, it is only helpful when someone is watching the videos and identifying when something is going amiss. 

Alternatively, it is useful for investigative purposes after the fact.  This is where AI comes in. 

Using advanced machine learning technology, a variety of companies are making advancements with video surveillance by adding AI. 

Some systems have even been designed to allow surveillance camera users to sift through footage at a much faster rate.

For instance, if you are interested in a particular type of vehicle, the system has been designed to recognise thousands of queries.

From there, it can match video footage with the right output of footage such as particular car make and model, a particular animal, a person wearing a certain colour of clothes, and much more.

AI Integration Into Surveillance Tools Will Make Specialized Surveillance Possible 

Aside from giving machines the ability to analyse videos, there are companies that are looking into integrating AI with cameras. 

This will allow the cameras to function independently from the internet or any network. 

More importantly, the AI can be optimised to perform a specific function, and not just be on the lookout for security threats.

Companies have been integrating AI into their camera systems allowing their products to perform specialised functions.

This includes counting the number of fish using a fish ladder in a dam in Idaho to restaurants tracking whether pizza is the right shape and size.

In the same light, such surveillance capabilities will possibly find their way into consumer security video systems.

This will increase the capability and the extent of surveillance as we move into the future.

AI Will Make Mass Video Surveillance Possible

As mentioned above, the greatest utility of video surveillance is in monitoring the field of view of the cameras. 

If there is nobody monitoring the screens, you can only use the surveillance video after the fact. 

In many ways, traditional surveillance has been limited by the human capacity needed to sit behind a monitor and analyse videos

By integrating AI to video surveillance, it will be feasible to monitor hundreds of thousands of cameras, analyse thousands of hours of footage, and track thousands if not millions of people at a time. 

In Conclusion

These are just examples of how AI will supercharge surveillance in the future. 

However, in many ways, the full effects of integrating AI into surveillance will only come to light after the products have hit the market, much the same as it is with other technological innovations.

That said, it is important to note that while AI has the ability to increase the power and effectiveness of video surveillance, it is still fraught with problems. 

For instance, while AI will enable computers to identify and analyse a human being and their actions, they are still far from being able to recognise and understand the context of the events in the footage. 

As such, a surveillance system may identify a human being running, crying, laughing, or any other action but it will not understand why. 

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