Professional Installation

Professional Installation
28/07/2022 RechenbergSecurity



Are you thinking of installing a CCTV security or alarm system for your new business? Is your business ready for an upgrade to a more reliable security system tailored to suit your site’s needs?

Choosing the right installation for your premises can be a daunting process, especially if you are considering doing it yourself. Let the team at Rechenberg take the pressure out of the decision making process and allow us to provide you a professional quote for installation of equipment. Below are key factors that our team considers when installing a new system:



The most important aspect to consider when selecting a security system is the size of your company. Larger companies need a tailored security system that targets vulnerable areas in their floor plan. Even if you locate these spaces, you then need to think about the type of camera, its placement, positioning and cabling access. Without the required technical knowledge and abilities, a DIY installation on a larger site is simply not feasible and may result in your businesses security being compromised.



The installation of CCTV cameras may appear simple on paper. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy. Advanced technical knowledge and experience is needed to connect your cameras to various routers, modems, NVRs, and install cabling. A basic set-up can be achieved by installing a system yourself. However problems may arise with networking or programming that can result in additional costs for a qualified security technician to attend and complete the set-up.

Installations from a professional provide an easy process from quoting, through to installation and if any warranty issues arise you have a professional company to assist.

How will your security needs change in the next few years and can you prepare for it now? Rechenberg keep scalability in mind when planning your current system leaving room for it to grow. This can eliminate the requirement to purchase more hardware or install new wiring each time your security system needs an update or extension.



Lots of things can go wrong when installing a security system yourself. However, when a professional installs a security system they select the best range of devices to cover your entire premises. They use their expertise to select how many devices you need and where to install them for the best coverage. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right gear or running cables through the walls or ceiling. Relax as they configure all your devices and get everything working perfectly.



If any part of your system requires a warranty query the Rechenberg service team can investigate this for you. Rechenberg will investigate manufacturers warranty to help you solve any issues that may fall under warranty.



It is hard to know who you can call when you have questions or need help. However, Rechenberg has excellent customer service as a necessity. This is incredibly useful when you run into trouble, have questions, or want to make changes in the future. If you have any problems you can give them a call to manage all your long term warranties and ongoing technical support.

Most installations also include instructions on how to operate your new system. Your technician will walk you through any questions you may have so you feel like an expert.



Professional monitoring can be added to your system to enhance your security further. It ensures that if something happens and you are away from your business or phone, alerts from your system will not go unanswered.

A professional monitoring service can answer every alert and notify you or call emergency services so threats can be resolved without you. In addition, professional monitoring offers tailored response plans that allow you to dictate different responses for each type of alert. If your system goes down they can give you a call or send a patrol to check on your business.

This service however does come at an additional cost. It may require additional devices to be installed during installation so your system can communicate with external monitoring centres.



Having your security equipment installed by a professional security company such as Rechenberg will result in a clean installation, complete programming, backed by warranty. A DIY solution can fail in many ways resulting in more time and costs being lost to rectify any problematic issues.



If you are looking at installing a security system we recommend contacting Rechenberg today at or call 1300 852 138 to get a free quote tailored to your premises and learn more about different security solutions.



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