How Does a Motion Sensor Work?

How Does a Motion Sensor Work?
May 7, 2019 Rechenberg
How does motion sensor work

Most people will have heard about motion sensors and even seen them in real life, but how do they work?

This is an important question to ask if you’re looking to invest in a new alarm system.

This is a unique technology that has become a prominent part of modern security setups and is well-regarded as a “must-have” by security experts.

Here’s a deeper look into how a motion sensor works and why it is such a beneficial addition to your security system.

How Does a Motion Sensor Work?

Motion sensors are designed to detect any type of movement in an established area. This established area is predetermined by the user, which will help ensure the area is fully covered by the technology once it is turned on.

There are two main types of motion sensors: active motion sensors and passive motion sensors.

Active motion sensors utilise ultrasonic sound waves, which reflect back to the sensor. However, if the waves are not detected by the sensor, which may be caused by someone walking in front of the sensor, the system activates.

It is a simple setup that works well because your movement cannot get past the motion sensor without disrupting the ultrasonic sound waves.

On the other hand, passive motion sensors use infrared technology. Via this technology, the sensor can detect when a human or animal is in the established area through the heat they radiate.

If there is a sudden rise in heat levels, the alarm is triggered.

This is how a motion sensor works and this is why it does such a wonderful job of protecting your property or assets all year-round.

Benefits of a Motion Sensor

1) Protects Against “Blind Spots”

There are natural blind spots with any system and those may be exploited by burglars.

This is where motion sensors come into action and help protect the property from potential loopholes in the setup.

The motion detecting technology will be able to cover any motion throughout the entire surveyed area.

2) Immediate Detection

There is almost no delay between when the movement occurs and when the system goes to work.

This is why motion sensing technology has gained critical acclaim as a world-class addition to the industry.

It works well and is a joy to use for those who want to have peace of mind when it comes to their property and assets.

Final Thoughts

In general, motion sensor technology is a wonderful addition to any modern security system and can go a long way in protecting your assets.

If you are running a small business and want to stay safe, this can become a viable option moving forward.

In fact, some of the world’s finest jewellery stores make sure they use the best motion sensors on their premises.

It protects their stock and makes sure everything is in place throughout the night.

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