Don't get conned by DIY home security

Don’t get conned by DIY home security
April 18, 2018 Rechenberg

Looking for home security solutions online can be a tricky business. It’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of DIY security packages, selling for ridiculously cheap. Many claim to be easy to install, effective and reliable. But more often than not, this simply isn’t the case. DIY home security can end up being your worst nightmare.

Here are a few common pitfalls people who have purchased these DIY security packages have experienced.

Isn’t compatible with the NBN

The NBN is still rolling out across Australia, and you might find that in just a few months, you’ll no longer be able to access your normal ADSL or phone line. It’s absolutely essential to ensure that any security system you choose to install in your home is fully compatible with the NBN, as switching to it is compulsory for all Australians. To find out more see here

Doesn’t meet insurance company requirements

Do you have home and contents insurance? Check your policy carefully, because installing your own home security system may make any break-in claims defunct. It’s always important to read the small print, as many insurance providers won’t process your claim unless you’ve gone through a professional company to install home security.

Lacks professional technical installation

Security technicians have gone through extensive training to ensure the effectiveness of the systems that they install. The equipment is only part of the security package – a lot depends on the knowledge of the person installing it. This is important to keep in mind when putting together a DIY system. If you break something during installation, it’s up to you to replace it. Likewise, if you install something incorrectly and this results in an ineffective alarm during a break-in, you may not be able to claim the financial loss you have suffered on insurance, as mentioned above.

Minimum/no access to monitoring services

Some DIY home security systems provide very limited monitoring services, but most do not offer any at all. The key advantage of choosing a professional security provider is that part of the package includes ongoing 24/7 alarm monitoring. This means that if the security alarm is triggered when you’re away from your home, your provider will be alerted straight away. If you’re paying for monitoring services, you want to ensure that the control room operates 24/7 and that your provider is renowned for quick response times.

Limited warranty and assistance

It’s no surprise that a cheap DIY home security system will come with a shorter warranty than a professionally installed system. The warranty for a DIY home security system may cover parts for a limited time, but when it comes to installation, you’re on your own. In contrast, a home security package purchased through a professional company will often include both a manufacturer’s warranty and a warranty for workmanship. Furthermore, security specialists will provide ongoing, immediate support for their customers, including quick response to any technical faults or system breakdowns. Contacting a professional security company is almost always much easier (and less stressful!) than trying to get in touch with the manufacturer of a DIY system if any problems should arise with the equipment provided.

Don’t forsake your family’s safety for a cheaper, short-term DIY solution to home security. If you want a reliable, industry-leading home security system that will provide you with continual peace of mind, contact Rechenberg today.