Standard Medical Alert Pendant Chains

Standard Medical Alert Pendant Chains
May 27, 2018 Rechenberg

As our parents and loved ones age, their increased frailty can impact living arrangements. Unfortunately, this time of change can be difficult for all involved, but it doesn’t have to be. For elderly, the ability to live in their own home for as long as possible is achievable, with some adjustments. The Rechenberg Medical Alert Pendants allow people living alone, or who are at risk of falls, to keep their independence and remain living in their own home.

While the thought of a medical pendant can seem restricting and unsightly, the Rechenberg Medical Alert Pendant is different. Not only is the pendant stylish, but all considerations have been included in its design, including all aspects of the chain. Keep reading to find out how the Rechenberg Medical Alert Pendant chain differs from others on the market.

Made with quality materials

The standard chains provided with all Rechenberg Medical Alert Pendants are made from surgical steel that has been approved as hypoallergenic, reducing risks of skin irritation or other skin sensitivities that are caused by cheaper metals.

Smart design

This chain is designed to break under 5 kilograms of pressure, eliminating the risk of choking in circumstances where the chain could be caught. To ensure these standards are met, this is regularly tested by the manufacturer. The length of the chain is a standard size and is the only one available with the pendant.

All-day wearability

The pendant chain will not tarnish or discolour, and the stainless steel enables easy cleaning. As the pendant is hot water-resistant (IP68), it is encouraged to be worn in the shower or bath.

Rechenberg recommends that this provided chain is used with the pendant, as the manufacturer has confirmed that it is the safest and best suited hypoallergenic material to guarantee comfort.

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