What Does The Future of Video Surveillance Look Like?

What Does The Future of Video Surveillance Look Like?
10/04/2019 Rechenberg
Future of CCTV

If you were to go back in time, looking at video surveillance technology, you would see that much of what is available today is very similar.

You would have sensors that would be on doors and windows, as well as cameras that could see in the daylight, and also during the evening hours.

However, technology has changed in ways that you may not have noticed. Part of that has to do with the interconnectivity of people through the Internet.

Prior to the 1990s, the online portion of video surveillance was not available. Today, it is one of the more prominent aspects of this type of security technology.

Let’s take a look at what the future of video surveillance may look like in the next 20 years.

What Advancements Have Been Made In Video Surveillance?

Some of the most obvious advancements are the ability to connect your video surveillance equipment with your smartphone, which you have likely seen advertisements about.

These are CCTV systems that are able to use the internet connection and then subsequently routing that to your mobile phone through an app.

Another important improvement in surveillance technology is the shape and size of the cameras. Nowadays, cameras can be made difficult to see.

For example, they may look like a doorbell or could even be disguised as another object that a criminal would not be expecting.

This technology can be placed inside or outside of your home and will connect to your phone all the same.

This is one of the most innovative video surveillance advancements in the last few years, but what can we expect in the future?

Future Advancements In Video Surveillance Technology

Some of the advancements in this technology may go far beyond simply seeing intruders that are on your property.

Right now, you are limited by virtue of where the camera is set up.

However, with the advent of drone technology, you could literally program the drone to not only see the intruders but also follow them until local law enforcement was able to track them down.

Unless they would be able to shoot the drone, which is probable, that drone would follow them, sending out a signal to the security monitoring centre that they can coordinate with.

Another potential advancement would be hologram technology.

Instead of just featuring your voice, you could literally appear before those individuals, scaring them off abruptly.

There are some bugs in this particular technology, specifically the use of cameras on the side of the person that is projecting to these locations.

Until that is improved upon, it may not be possible for you to literally show up at your home projecting it in the form of a hologram.

Although it is unknown how far these advancements can go, these are two of the best ideas that have been presented in recent years.

As mentioned before, drone technology does exist.

However, the use of polygrams for this purpose may not be viable for another couple of decades have passed – but you never know how quickly technology can move, and we may soon have that capability.

Both of those scenarios will make it easier to capture criminals, or at the very least, scare them off if they are trying to break into your home or business.

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