The Importance of Keeping Your Security Systems Up to Date

The Importance of Keeping Your Security Systems Up to Date
November 19, 2017 Rechenberg

Home protection is something you should take very seriously. The stats show that 1 out of every 40 houses will be burgled this year and over 200,000 homes fall victim to theft annually in Australia. Don’t be a statistic; you can make your home a safer environment to live in by giving your security system a makeover so it’s a ‘no intruder’ zone. But for it to be most effective you have to be vigilant. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your security systems up to date.


Think like an intruder

Intruders try to find entry points to a home to gain access, so thinking like an intruder will put you one step ahead. A home’s security system can have several layers, from simple but effective methods such as having functioning sensor lights, to installing security grilles on windows/doors. Both of these act as lower level deterrents to intruders, according to a police survey. Even more of a discouragement to an intruder is a noisy dog, either big or small, whose barking will attract attention of neighbours and passersby.

But if you’re not a dog lover and you’re looking for further peace of mind, a smarter option is to go with a quality home security system that uses wireless technology to communicate break ins to a 24/7 control room. This is one of the best precautions you can take to protect your home and family. Nearly 50% of intruders surveyed in the study admitted a fully functioning alarm system was a strong deterrent factor.


Install updates

If you’re new to having an electronic security system, take time to learn exactly how it works and understand that it will need periodic checkups to ensure everything is in working order.

Like with a computer or Smartphone, updates will come your way so it’s important to make sure you install these as they can offer a greater level of security. Keeping your system fully up to date will give you the best chance of deterring burglars. It is also important for insurance purposes to show that your security system is being used effectively and maintained.


Keeping abreast of new technology

Technology is constantly improving around broadband so your security system needs to be compliant with this new technology to ensure the highest level of protection. For example, the faster Australian NBN phone and internet network being rolled out in the coming years will affect existing security systems if they are not compatible. Rechenberg installs and monitors only the most updated security systems, including those that are NBN ready.


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