What is Video Verification?

What is Video Verification?
05/01/2020 Rechenberg
What is video verification?

The demand of Video Verification is rapidly rising in the security industry. In fact, the Rechenberg Control Room has recently become the first monitoring centre in Australia to integrate Video Verification with Alarm.com’s global cloud platform. 

Video Verification involves the Control Room verifying the authenticity of an alarm, which provides more information about a potential intruder, allowing the response priority to be managed according to the situation. Not only this, but Video Verification offers a higher level of security and a faster response from emergency services, such as the Police.

How Does Video Verification Work?

When a device compatible with Video Verification is triggered, an alert is sent to the Control Room, who then receives or retrieves video footage of the event that triggered the device. 

The Control Room operators view the video footage and verify if there is an intruder onsite. If it is verified there is an intruder onsite, the operator will prioritise the alarm and typically contact the Police.

Video Verification works in three primary ways:

Third-Party Devices

Third-party devices include PIRs, reed switches, or duress buttons that integrated into a security camera either on the premises or the Control Room. When the detection device is activated, an alarm is transmitted to the control room. At this point, the video is either received or retrieved from the specific camera, beginning the Video Verification sequence. 

This type of configuration can be set up with most major CCTV manufacturers, such as Hikvision, Dahua, UNV and Bosch

Video Analytics 

Video Analytics utilises mathematical algorithms and advanced analytics, typically via a dedicated computer on-site. The computer’s algorithms analyse the footage captured by a security camera and extract the key information to identify predetermined threats, such as people or vehicles while screening out false alarms from things like trees or animals.

When the sensor detects a real threat, the camera transmits a pre and post-alarm video to the Control Room.

A Video Verification system that utilises analytics is perfect for compounds or perimeter fence lines. This is as analytics can cover large areas and long distances of up to 500 meters when used with Thermal Cameras. Below are two videos that show video analytics being used for perimeter protection.

Passive Infrared and Camera Combination

This type of Video Verification is a system in which a security camera has a passive infrared sensor (PIR) built into it. These electronic sensors measure infrared light that radiates from objects. This allows the camera to differentiate between a real threat and a false activation, like a leaf blowing past the camera.  

However, this type of Video Verification generally can’t cover as large of an area as a Video Analytic system due to the limitations of the PIR detector. Additionally, this system can also be more prone to false alarms as they are not as sophisticated as a system that uses analytics. Most systems that use this combination of PIR and security cameras only begin transmitting the video after the PIR has been triggered. This means that whatever triggered the alarm may be missed, as it doesn’t send a pre-alarm video, only a post-alarm video. Although PIR and camera combinations are considered to have some limitations they have a more economical price point for the hardware.  

Overall, Video Verification is a very popular tool in the security industry – and for good reasons. Video Verification is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, providing your home or business with an extremely high level of security, more so than the traditional alarm system. If you’re considering adapting Video Verification into your home or business, feel free to contact us or give us a call on 1300 852 138.

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