How Does a Locksmith Make Car Keys?

How Does a Locksmith Make Car Keys?
March 10, 2019 Rechenberg
How Does a Locksmith Make Car Keys

Imagine being trapped outside of your car without a way in.

This is a troubling situation and can happen if your key gets lost. Across the country thousands of people lose their keys every day and it’s important to have a backup plan in place. For some, this means keeping a spare key, but what if you don’t have one before you lose your key?

In these situations, you are going to want someone to help out with making a new car key. A qualified and licensed locksmith has the skill set and specialist equipment to create car keys, and here’s how:

Steps For Making Car Keys

1) Assessment of the Car and Finding the Right Blank Key

The first thing a locksmith will do is determine the make, model and year of the vehicle. By using specialised computer software and searching the vehicle information, the locksmith can identify the correct key blank and requirements to make the key for the vehicle in question.


2) Cutting the Key (For Older Vehicles)

If the vehicle is older and the key can be created from the key code, which can be added into this specialist software, providing the locksmith with the cuts that are required to be cut into the blank key. Alternatively, if this key code isn’t available, the locksmith will typically remove the driver’s side door lock, where the key code may be stamped on the lock. If the code isn’t stamped on the lock, the locksmith can decode the lock to work out the cuts of the key. Remember, the locksmith is trained to handle this part of the process and will be able to do it accurately and professionally while using the right materials.


Then, professional electronic key cutting machines are used to “cut keys to code”, essentially meaning that the key blank is cut to the exact factory specifications provided through the keys’ code.


3) Programming Transponder Keys (For Newer Vehicles)

Newer vehicles generally use transponder keys. Transponder keys have an inbuilt electronic chip in the head of the key. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the chip in the key deactivates the engine immobilier, allowing the motor to start. Without the correct chip the key won’t start the car, even if the key turns the ignition.

After the locksmith has identified the correct key blank and transponder chip from the vehicle information, the locksmith can program the transponder using two different methods:

Cloning the Key – the key produced is an exact copy of the physical cuts of the key, as well as the data that’s in the transponder chip, or;

Programming the Key into the Vehicle – this uses specialised equipment specifically designed for programming keys into vehicles

Through the specialised software the locksmith uses, they will identify the method required and proceeded to either clone the key, or program it into the vehicle. Part of this process often includes programming the remote of the new key to unlock the car and boot.


4) Testing

Once the key has been cut to code and the transponder chip has either been cloned or programmed to your vehicle, it is time to test the car keys to make sure everything works as required.

This doesn’t take long and is going to ensure everyone is satisfied. In most cases, the car key is going to work after the first try since locksmiths who have the latest equipment and have years of expertise and skills in similar situations and will know what to do.


Final Thoughts

While all of this may seem easy through the use of specialised software and key machines, often this equipment that is needed to “simply” complete this task has cost many of tens of thousands of dollars, along with the many hours in training that is required to become a specialised automotive locksmith.

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