What Types Of Locks Are Good For Residential Properties?

What Types Of Locks Are Good For Residential Properties?
March 10, 2019 Rechenberg
what type of locks are good for residential properties

Regardless of where you live in Bundaberg, Gin Gin, or Childers, you should be concerned about your home’s security. As safe as your neighbourhood has proved to be over the years, you should never take chances. It is of critical importance that you deploy the best security system available for your budget and for your particular situation.

Here we’ll explore the best types of locks that you can use to secure your house and by extension, the belongings found in your house. Keep in mind that not all locks are created equal even when they use the same mechanism and general design. The robustness of the materials used, the style, and the finish may differ across brands. As such, beyond choosing a particular type of lock, make sure you choose the right brand.

#1. Deadbolt – Deadbolts are some of the most popular door locks, especially on doors accessing the exterior of the house. They come in 3 variations with varying degrees of complexity. The simplest of the deadbolt locks is the single cylinder deadbolt lock.

The cylinder lock allows homeowners to lock the door with a key from the outside. However, the inside of the lock system is a thumbturn, which allows users to open the door without the need for a key. While this lock provides a high level of security from someone trying to break in from the outside, once inside, they can simply unlock the door with the thumb turn.

The second variation is the double cylinder deadbolt lock. This lock has a locking cylinder for locking from both the inside and outside. So when you do leave the house and lock it from the outside, if someone breaks a window and gets into your home, they simply can’t open the door from the inside in an effort to remove your property from your home. The downside is that it is not recommended to lock a double cylinder deadlock as you need a key to unlock it if you need to quickly get out in an emergency.

To overcome the shortcoming of the single and double cylinder deadbolt locks, the third type – the lockable thumbturn – comes with a locking mechanism for the thumbturn. It allows users to lock the thumbturn, protecting it from hacking.

key and knob locks
#2. Key and Knob Locks – These are the most common type of locks used in modern homes, as they are quite economical and come in a large range of colours and styles. The downside however, is that they don’t offer the highest level of security and can be forced open relatively easily. This is where the addition of a deadlock can greatly enhance the security of your premises.

lever lock door
#3. Key and Lever – Another popular lock for external accessing doors and indoor doors is the lever lock. However, they are more frequently used in commercial settings owing to the ease of operation. People can open and close the doors with ease due to the levers. They are also handicap accessible.

As with Key and Knob Locks, it is recommended to have an additional deadlock for enhanced security.

electronic locks
#4. Smart Locks And Electronic Door Locks – Increasingly, more and more homeowners are turning to electronic smart locks and electronic locks. The smart locks variety, aside from electronically driven, also contain a wireless connection element, which allows remote operations. Their overall effectiveness will vary from brand to brand.

Other types of locks used in residential environments include the euro cylinder locks, wall mounted locks, mortise/rim locks, padlocks, and jimmy proof deadbolts.

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